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Did You Know That...

Investigation of a personal injury case is a search for the truth.


You may assume that the authorities will conduct a full and fair investigation. That does not always happen.


With millions of dollars potentially at stake, it will send investigative teams to the scene within hours to collect evidence that shifts blame from their client to you.


To protect your interests, it is critical that you have your own legal team working to protect your rights to fair compensation.




We know you are likely facing a long and painful recovery, and we're sorry for that.  You may suffer permanent or catastrophic injuries if you're involved in an accident, and we're here to join you on the journey of recovery.

We represent the victims of serious personal injury. Our record of success has earned us referrals from past clients and medical professionals that know and trust our work.

Our mission is to vigorously protect and aggressively represent our clients.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.


Real Client Testimonials

Our clients speak clearly to the success we’ve had protecting them and their families.

The attorneys at Lopez Roca treated my case as the most important case they had in the office. They were always prompt in responding to any questions or concerns I had. One of the very few attorneys you could call on their cell phone morning, day, or night. I highly recommend them.

Jorge Farfan

Ralph and Sonia are truly great people. When I had my accident they visited me in the hospital everyday until I was discharged. The care, compassion, and attention they paid my case is second to none.

Ramon Calvo Fernandez

The attorneys at Lopez Roca worked aggressively and relentlessly on our child’s case. We entrusted them with our most precious possession- the well-being of our child, and we are truly grateful for everything they did.

Family of Fuiton Jeune

Verdicts, Judgments, & Settlements

These are the results of clients that partnered with us to handle their clients' cases.


Products liability, defect in design and manufacture of product and failure to warn resulting in catastrophic burn injuries to minor.


Premises liability, slip and fall at body shop, plaintiff was forced to undergo cervical spine surgery.


Commercial trucking accident, plaintiff sustained significant neurological damage.


Commercial trucking accident resulting in broken heart syndrome.


Commercial trucking accident resulting in severe and permanent injuries to a family of five


Premises liability, horseback riding accident at a ranch, plaintiff airlifted and hospitalized due to catastrophic neurological injuries.


Premises liability, plaintiff struck by floor sweeper and was consequently forced to undergo bilateral shoulder surgery.


Premises liability, failure to maintain and inspect fire extinguishers on condominium premises resulting in plaintiffs sustaining significant burn injuries.


Auto accident, plaintiff was operating a vespa and was struck by commercial truck resulting in a fractured ankle.


Commercial trucking accident, plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries.


Auto accident, uber driver rear ended resulting in soft tissue injuries.


Commercial trucking accident, as a result, plaintiff was forced to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery.


Premises liability, defendant’s failure to maintain A/C unit caused our plaintiff to slip and fall and subsequently undergo arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


Auto accident, Plaintiff was 90% comparatively negligent, insurance policy limits were tendered within thirty (30) days.


Pending Litigation

Cases we are currently working on.

Major Florida Hospital

Loses Baby's Body

A South Florida couple claims in court that a Miami hospital threw out the body of their stillborn daughter while they were making arrangements to give her a proper funeral.


Practice Areas

Focused on protecting people.

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Auto Accidents

Slip & Fall

"We entrusted them with our most precious possession- the well-being of our child, and we are truly grateful for everything they did."

Family of Fuiton Jeune, Lopez Roca Law Review, client

Lawyer Referrals

We accept referral arrangements with attorneys pursuant to State Bar of Florida rules. Many defense attorneys we have faced in court refer us to their friends and family members.

Give Back to the Community

Come Back To Go Forward, Inc.'s purpose is for professionals that graduated from public schools in the Hialeah/Miami Lakes area to go back and offer mentoring services and internships to high school students.

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The Next Steps with Us are...

We must begin investigations as soon as possible.


Take action now to ensure you are fully compensated.


With millions of dollars potentially at stake, we will open our own investigation.


To protect your interests, it is critical that you have your own legal team working to protect your rights to fair compensation.

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