Truck Accident

truck accident

Truck accidents are severe and change the lives of victims irrevocably. Below is more information on truck accidents in Miami.

Who can be held liable for my truck accident?

Depending on what caused the accident, the liable party could be any number of people or entities. There are a few different situations that could arise depending on the facts surrounding your case.

The most common cause of trucking accidents is driver negligence.  Trucking accidents frequently occur because the driver of the truck may have been speeding, executed an improper turn, and other such instances of carelessness.  Just as other non-commercial drivers must always drive in a lawful manner, truck drivers must follow all traffic laws and always exercise due care.  

If the trucking company did not conduct a thorough background check and hired someone who has a bad driving record, then it could be liable. That is because it was its responsibility to ensure that it was hiring individuals who would perform the job safely and in accordance with all applicable laws.

If the driver’s blood alcohol content or any other drug test proved that they were under the influence of any legal or illegal substance, then the driver may be held responsible for the accident as well as their employer. Even over-the-counter medications, such as antibiotics, can cause drowsiness that can impair a driver. Employees are responsible for showing up to work sober and alert, and employers can be held responsible for the behavior of their employees.

But the problem could’ve started long before either you or the driver of the truck got into your vehicles. If the accident was caused by a manufacturing or design defect, then the manufacturing company may be held liable for your injuries. Companies are required to maintain certain safety standards and provide evidence that their motor vehicles are safe.

How can a truck accident attorney in Miami help me?

At Lopez Roca Attorneys, we offer a free consultation where we listen to you explain the circumstances surrounding your accident and offer our professional legal advice on what your next steps should be. After hiring Lopez Roca Attorneys to represent you, we immediately begin investigating your case. Once we have collected all evidence available to us at this stage in litigation, we send a Demand for Settlement to the insurance company.  Thus, beginning negotiations between Lopez Roca Attorneys and the insurance company. 

What kind of questions does my attorney ask during the investigation?

Your attorney will likely ask questions related to the accident, as well as look for supporting evidence. They can also request to review certain documents and further information from the insurance company regarding the truck driver and/or trucking company if they find it pertinent to the case. 


One of the reasons why personal injury attorneys try to settle claims with the insurance company on behalf of their clients is the expense risk of going to trial. No lawyer can guarantee outcomes in court, so it’s possible to have a case go to trial and lose. 

At Lopez Roca Attorneys, we do everything we can to build the best case possible for you so that you can get the compensation you need to pay your bills now rather than go through a lengthy, stressful trial.

However, if negotiations are unsuccessful, then we will exhaust our resources fighting for you. So give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

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