Product Liability

product liability

When a victim has been injured by a product, they can file a product liability suit against the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer. These companies must ensure that their products perform in a reasonably safe manner. Manufacturers can also be sued for dangerous product designs and failure to provide an adequate warning to consumers. You will need to consult with an experienced attorney to find out if you have one of the most common types of product liability claims:

  • Design defect
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Failure to warn
  • Breach of warranty 

Almost any item can be involved in a product liability claim, including but not limited to:

  • A household appliance
  • A vehicle or vehicle part
  • A toy or other product for children
  • Workplace equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals

What is a statute of limitations in a product liability case?

A statute of limitations is the period of time, from the date of injury, within which the injured party may file their personal injury claim against the at-fault party.  Each state sets its own statute of limitations for personal injury cases. In the state of Florida, the statute of limitations for product liability or defective product claims is four years. However, if the claim resulted in a wrongful death, the statute is reduced to two years.

That does not necessarily mean that you should wait that long to file your claim. If you wait too long, then you run the risk of having your claim expire before it has even been heard by the court. After the statute of limitations is up, there is no way to file a lawsuit in case. This is why you should contact Lopez Roca Attorneys immediately to get started on your Miami product liability case.

Why should I hire an attorney for my product liability claim?

Product liability cases can be very complex and technical and will often require extensive research. Your attorney will need to consult with scientists, designers, and engineers with vast knowledge of industry and government standards to evaluate the product’s safety and effectiveness. Attorneys who have been working in this field have developed relationships with expert witnesses who can provide testimony and credibility to your product liability claim. An expert witness is considered an authority in their field, so their explanation is often trusted by judges and juries.

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